How to Use Scented Candles In Your Holiday Decor

How to Use Scented Candles In Your Holiday Decor

On the holidays, many people focus on decorating their homes with festive trim and colorful ornaments. But what about the scent of the season?

For those of you who love the smell of candles, incorporating scented candles into your holiday decor is the perfect way to bring a touch of holiday magic into your home. Not only will your guests love the festive smell of your scented candles, but you'll also get to enjoy the fragrant aroma of these candles all season long!

Here are a few tips for incorporating scented candles into your holiday decor:

  1. Choose a festive scent for your candles. Christmas candles are a great option for this, as are holiday scents like gingerbread or candy canes. For example, Toasted Marshmallow, for example, combines Marshmallow, Caramel, and Cream to create a rich and mouth-watering smell that is ideal for indoor movie evenings. 

  1. Choose a candle holder that will compliment your holiday decor. A gingerbread house or a Christmas tree with ornaments made out of candles will both look great with scented candles placed inside them.

  1. If you're going for a more subtle scent, choose a candle that has a holiday scent but doesn't have a strong scent. This will allow the other scents in your home to overpower the candle's smell.

  1. If you're using multiple scented candles, make sure to place them away from drafts and other areas where they might be exposed to moisture. This will help prolong the life of your candles and ensure that their fragrant smell is always present in your home.

Remember to keep the candle burning! Not only will this add a touch of elegance to your holiday decor, but it will also help to fragrance your home all season long!

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