Fragrance Oils and Essential Oils in Scented Candles

Fragrance Oils and Essential Oils in Scented Candles

Over the past few years, scented candles have become a popular item to buy as gifts or just to add a pleasant scent to your home. But what type of oil should you use in your scented candle? Fragrance oils and essential oils are the two most popular options, but what's the difference between them? This blog post will break down why each type of oil is used in scented candles and which one would be best for you. 

Fragrance Oils Vs. Essential Oils

Fragrance oils are synthetically created in a lab by combining ingredients that create a specific scent. These ingredients can include natural elements such as essential oils, but they also contain other synthetic ingredients such as alcohols, esters, and other chemicals.

Fragrance oils are designed to smell pleasant and last longer than essential oils.  On the other hand, essential oils are derived from plants or flowers and then manually extracted through processes like steam distillation or cold pressing. These natural products are often used in aromatherapy due to their therapeutic properties and can provide an earthy, complex scent when burned. While essential oils may not last as long as fragrance oils, they may be preferable if you're looking for something more natural or want a special aroma with therapeutic benefits. 

Benefits of Using Both Types of Oil

Each type of oil has its own unique benefits when used in scented candles. For example, fragrance oils often produce a stronger scent that can fill up larger rooms faster than essential oils can due to their added synthetic ingredients. Additionally, fragrance oils may offer more creative opportunities since there is an endless variety of smells available from the lab-created combinations. 

With that being said, if you don't prefer artificial fragrances or want something more natural then essential oils would be a better choice for you since they come from plants without any added chemicals or synthetics. That’s why all our home fragrance products at Purely Scent are made with Essential oils.

Essential oils also offer different properties compared to fragrance oils due to their plant-based nature; some even have therapeutic benefits such as calming effects or improved focus depending on which ones you choose!  So depending on what kind of scent experience you're looking for when creating your candles either one might be right for you. 

Fragrance and essential oil both have advantages; it all depends on what kind of experience you’re looking for! Fragrance oil offers longer lasting scents with less maintenance while still providing great smelling results while essential oil provides a more natural approach with potential therapeutic benefits from its plant-based origins. Ultimately it comes down to personal preference; whichever option appeals most to you should be chosen based on your specific needs.

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